Opel has some big plans for its lineup in the near future. After the successful launch of the Insignia Grand Sport, the company is looking forward to the next few years, planning an onslaught of new product from nearly every segment.

New Mokka X spied:

First up is the Mokka and Mokka X. The small SUV will be replaced with an all-new version in 2019 that will be built at the Opel plant in Eisenach, Germany. Though the company hasn’t dished out any details as what will be under the hood, we assume the inline-four cylinder, 154-horsepower (114-kilowatt) unit currently available on the Mokka X will be replaced with something slightly more powerful.

After the new Mokka X makes its debut, the company will get to work on producing all-new versions of the Corsa hatchback and Adam supermini as well. The two cars will be built at the Zaragoza plant in Spain, and both will come with a range of new engines and features.

"The revised allocations will make production considerably more efficient,” said Philip R. Kienle, Vice President Manufacturing at Opel. “The focused allocation of individual cars to a production site enables synergies in assembly and improved logistics coordination. We are taking an important step towards the future."

Considering the three vehicles are the company’s most popular offerings to date, it only makes sense that they would be the first to get significant upgrades. More than 670,000 examples of the Mokka and Mokka X have been sold since its conception, while the Corsa makes up 630,000 units, and the Adam makes up 225,000.

The Opel Insignia Grand Sport, meanwhile, will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2017 with a hotter OPC version following soon after.

Source: Opel


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