It is nearly Christmas so that must mean it is time for another of Ford’s brilliant Snowkhana films.

This year’s is the fifth installment in the stop motion animation series that pays homage to Ken Block’s, err, blockbusting Gymkhana films.

This rime around, we find our titular driver Mental Block and his Hoonigan-spec Hot Wheels Fiesta drifting, donuting, and jumping their way through all those movies that pop up somewhere on TV during the festive season. No less than 18 of them, in fact.

I’ll give you Anchorman and Back To The Future to start with, but I leave you to pick out the other references.

It took a whole month of painstaking work set up and photograph every frame of the film. 17 Lego trees, 11 cans of snow spray, seven cardboard buildings, one large can of expanding foam, a whole lot of cotton wool, countless toys, a pair of pantyhoes, and much more besides were used to create the sets and props.

I will, of course, have to pull the filmmakers up on the fact that we hear tyre squeal while toy Block donuts on fake snow. But only to be pedantic. The whole thing is deliberately incongruous, so it fits the vibe. I believe the sound effects are actually taken from big Block's own Gymkhana 9 film. A few of toy Block's tricks certainly are.

While your here, check out these previous installments. First, Snowkhana 4, in which real Santa gets in on toy Block's fun, hooning around snowy Lapland in a Focus RS, much to annoyance of the fuzz.




And here's Snowkhana 3, where toy Block is joined by some fellow hoonigans before things get a bit... weird.




Finally, here's big Block's latest acts of hooniganism.


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