Back in September, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak toyed around with the idea of swapping his Tesla Model S for a more affordable Chevrolet Bolt (which starts at $36,620). "I expect to be switching cars soon!" he said in a social media post while posing next to the then Bolt prototype.

But it looks like The Woz’s love affair with the Bolt was short lived. The tech mogul reportedly won’t be trading in his Tesla for a Chevy – at least not yet. On a recent Facebook post, Wozniak is shown being gifted a brand new Model S by his wife Janet to compliment his previous example.

Pictured below, it shows The Woz and his wife posing in front of the new Tesla alongside the old one. The license plate reads "BATT CZY," with the caption "Present from Janet!" underneath.


But it’s not all bad news for the Bolt. According to Electrek, The Woz is still might pick up the Bolt to have as a daily driver. "
I’m still considering the Bolt. It had a lot of things nicer about it than the Tesla." The only issue Wozniak noted was its shorter range and Chevys lack of a charging network. "But I’m concerned about how it would work on our favored road trips. So far, Tesla’s the only game in town for that."

With a range of 315 miles (506 kilometers) in top trim and as many as 751 charging stations around the globe, the Model S exceeds the Bolt's 238-mile (383-kilometer) range by nearly 77 miles (123 kilometers). It's quicker too – not that Wozniak is likely concerned – with a 0-60 mph time of about 2.4 seconds with the P100D option ticked.

Source: Electrek


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