The VW CC has officially gone the way of the dodo. While most of us will look back on the luxurious sedan in fondness – worry not, a new version is said to be making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March. And it promises to be ever better.

Dropping the CC name for something more… substantial, the new VW Arteon will reportedly be more upscale and more advanced than the CC it’s replacing. Even more enticing, reports suggest that if we’re lucky, we could see a shooting brake (wagon) version in the near future.

According to Autocar, in an interview with VW’s Head of Full-Size Product Lines, Elmar-Marius Licharz, he said that an Arteon shooting brake "is absolutely the sort of car that could work," but that, "it needs a business case." An Arteon shooting brake could be just one of many variants slated for debut pending initial success of the sedan.

As far as the standard Arteon is concerned, we know now that it will share a number of styling cues with the Sport Coupe Concept GTE we saw back in 2015. It will also come with both gas and diesel engine options – depending on the market – with most buyers likely opting for the base 2.0-liter TDI or TSI. It’s still unclear whether the V6 plug-in hybrid option from the Sport Coupe Concept GTE will also be available on the production Arteon.

The new VW will make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March before it goes on sale the second half of the same year. Though we won’t know any official details until then, at least we have a number of spy shots to work with.

Source: Autocar


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