Witness the Ford Shelby GT500 in motion under careful guidance of the driver. The car is not pushed hard in this instance but all the right noises can still be heard.

Detroit is home to the Ford brand. It's also the place where Ford chose to unveil the most potent Ford SVT-tuned Mustang ever, the Shelby GT500 MY2010 seen on this video. Although the car is packing a 5.4-litre V8 monster of an engine on the video it doesn't exactly set the road on fire.

The engine has a supercharger fitted which helps to bring out 540 horses out of the GT500. It may not perform to its promised potential on the video clip, but it can certainly be heard loud and clear in certain shots especially when the driver changes gears using the ball-shaped striped lever. Ford did say the exhaust note was audible but not overpowering and it's just like they said; deep, throaty with a smooth burble.

Buyers of the GT500 will not always push it to its very limits so it's good to witness it under "normal" driving conditions. The test track on which the video was shot isn't exactly wide and long either and therefore it does limit what could be done on it.


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