Aston Martin's second manufacturing facility will be located in St Athan in Wales where it will make the DBX.

The original list for Aston Martin’s new factory had no less than 20 locations on it and in the end it was down to four sites: two were British, one was somewhere in the Middle East, and the last one was in Alabama, United States. After much consideration, St Athan in Wales was declared the winner back in February this year where AM is now setting up shop to build its second manufacturing facility.

A recruitment program began this summer to find up to 750 employees for the plant and some of them are already being trained at home in Gaydon by taking part in the assembly of the new DB11.

Aston Martin Wales factory

The new plant currently being constructed in Wales will serve the purpose of putting together a production version of the DBX concept. Aston Martin is one of the last automakers to jump on the SUV bandwagon and it will effectively do it in 2019 when production of the high-riding model will commence.

Aston Martin DBX concept Mako Blue
Aston Martin DBX concept at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The “luxury GT crossover” as it’s being described along with the new plant in Wales represent part of a £200-million investment in new products and facilities. Aston Martin has already announced that with the road-going DBX it has plans to lure in affluent women in search of a safe premium car providing “flexibility and room for the children.”

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Details about the crossover are scarce at the moment, but we remind you the concept was a technological tour de force, with electric motors installed inboard of the wheels and driven by lithium sulphur cells. Carbon ceramic brakes were also part of the package, as were the side cameras replacing the conventional mirrors. The two-door DBX was also fitted with drive-by-wire steering and auto-dimming reinforced glass windows. However, most of these goodies were just for show, so don’t expect the production version to be nearly as exciting.

Source: Aston Martin

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