Porsche evokes the past for a touching tribute to racing against Audi.

There’s often fierce racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, especially among the top teams from Porsche, Toyota, and formerly Audi. However, those squads are still able to keep the competition friendly after the checkered flag falls. For example, Porsche is once again demonstrating an impressive level of sportsmanship in a new video for the team at Audi.

The clip is a clever play on Audi’s video for Porsche’s return to the top level of endurance racing (embedded below). In that clip, an R18 drove from the Four Rings’ home in Ingolstadt, Germany, to Stuttgart to leave a friendly message on the road in front of its new competitor's headquarters. Along the way, the race car passed a man on a Porsche tractor.

Porsche’s video picks up with that guy still working the farm with his red tractor. He hears about Audi leaving the WEC on the radio and sets off to Stuttgart to leave a message of his own.

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The result is quite touching and feels like Porsche slyly commiserating with its fellow Volkswagen Group brand. Rumors suggested the company’s withdrawal was at least partially instigated by cost-cutting measures within VW and the decreasing relevance of diesel powerplants on the market.

Audi remains in motorsports but in a more limited capacity than competing at the top level of the WEC. The firm will increase its support of the Abt Schaeffler team in Formula E and will remain in the DTM. The Four Rings will also still sell race cars to customers like the popular R8 LMS GT3 and new RS3 LMS.

Porsche has made a habit out of released these slickly produced videos with the perfect message. After winning the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans on the last lap, the company’s clip thanked Toyota for the fierce competition on the track. The version from 2014 congratulated Audi for a hard-fought victory. 

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