From Ferrari to Dodge, take a look back at some of the most eye-catching numbers of the week.

Numbers are all around us – whether we're breaking down the performance of a Ferrari 488, or comparing the price of a Model S to a Mercedes. Every week we pick out a few numbers that are so significant we have to give them a second look. Today we’re taking a look at the new Lucid Motors luxury EV, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, the Ferrari J50, and a few others.

400 miles

Lucid Motors Air

The estimated range of the new Lucid Motors Air electric sedan. Its 130-kilowatt-hour battery pack is the largest and most powerful in any car in production today, producing 1,000 horsepower (745 kilowatts) and propelling the car to 60 mph (96 kmh) in 2.5 seconds. Production is said to begin in 2018.

329 horsepower

2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

The amount of power available on the new Mercedes-Benz E-Clas Coupe – but it’s not all about speed. A more elegant design and a more luxurious interior accent the updated 3.0-liter biturbocharged V6. It’s a menage a trois of luxury, style, and tech.


Torino 380 Concept

The amount of designers it took to create the stunning Torino 380 concept. A nod to the original Renault classic, the design team took the iconic lines of the original coupe and translated that language onto a modern platform. The result is something undoubtedly unique, and lovably retro.


Ferrari J50

The number of years Ferrari has been in Japan. In honor of that milestone, the company came up with the 690-horsepower (514-kilowatts) J50 convertible based on the 488. It’s more powerful, it’s more unique, and just 10 units are expected to be produced. Ferrari hasn’t said anything regarding price, but if you have to ask…  


2017 Dodge Challenger GT

The starting price for Dodge’s first all-wheel drive Challenger. With a potent 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 producing 305 horsepower (227 kilowatts) and 268 pound-feet (336 Newton-meters) or torque, this car was made to kick up some snow – and the car's first video spot proves it.


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