Having introduced the mid-cycle refresh for the Octavia a couple of months ago, Skoda is now ready to provide additional details about the extra technology that comes along with the questionable facelift. No longer can the Octavia be considered as the poor man’s Golf as it’s almost on par with its fancier sibling from Wolfsburg, albeit it doesn’t have the optional all-digital instrument cluster.

What it does have is a plethora of new driver assistance systems, including predictive pedestrian protection while driving in the city at speeds from 10 to 60 kph (6 to 37 mph). It will automatically engage the emergency brake once a “pedestrian dangerously steps out into oncoming traffic.” As you would imagine, it doesn’t come as standard equipment as you will have to fork out the extra money for the optional Front Assist package that also bundles the aforementioned emergency braking function.


The Octavia facelift also welcomes Blind Spot Detect to aid the driver while changing lines thanks to the two radar sensors keeping an eye out for traffic behind the car. If an imminent collision is detected, a warning sign will be automatically illuminated in the glass of the side mirrors.

2017 Skoda Octavia facelift
Skoda Octavia facelift

Other goodies on the menu include an optional trailer assist system controllable via the rotary switch for the exterior mirrors. The drivers can specify the angle at which they want to reverse the trailer and will receive the suitable steering suggestions. To make your life even easier behind the wheel, Skoda also offers Rear Traffic Alert to help you while parallel parking and also when you are about to leave a parking space.

The 2017 Octavia also supports a system called Maneuver Assist, which will automatically activate the brakes if it detects there’s an obstacle behind the car while reversing.

Skoda mentions the upgraded infotainment systems now have support for additional online services, such as real-time traffic info, fuel prices, news, weather, and details about available parking options. The top-of-the-range Columbus with its 9.2-inch display also get support for Google Earth and Street View, while the online map update service will download the latest maps.

Last but not least, the facelifted Octavia features what Skoda calls “Care Connect services,” with the most important one being the emergency call (“eCall”) immediately activated once a restraint system is triggered after an accident.

The revised model is already on sale in select European markets, such as at home in Czech Republic and in Slovakia where the online configurations are up and running. From 2017, Skoda will assemble its compact model at a new factory in Algeria alongside the Caddy, Golf facelift, and next-gen SEAT Ibiza.

Source: Skoda

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ŠKODA OCTAVIA with new assistance systems and superior connectivity services

Mobile online services from ŠKODA Connect provide best networking
› Infotainment online services for the latest information and entertainment
› Care Connect services for assistance and remote vehicle access
› New driver assistance systems for even greater safety and comfort

Mladá Boleslav, 15 December 2016 – ŠKODA has comprehensively upgraded their bestseller, equipping it with new technologies. Mobile online services connect the ŠKODA OCTAVIA closely to the owner, and a number of new driver assistance systems make driving even more comfortable and safer.

ŠKODA has equipped their bestseller with a new range of connectivity services: mobile online services under the label ŠKODA Connect. These are divided into two categories: Infotainment online services for the navigation systems Amundsen and Columbus are used for information and navigation; Care Connect services provide assistance and remote access to the car, regardless of the infotainment system.

One particularly useful feature of Infotainment Online is Online Traffic Information, which indicates the real-time flow of traffic along the selected route and suggests useful alternative routes in case of traffic jams. The services also provide customized information on fuel prices, parking information, news and weather information online. Via the ŠKODA Connect portal, routes, destinations and points of interest can be transferred directly from the computer to the navigation system. Especially for the system Columbus, there are other services, including Google Earth™ and Google Street View™. The Online Map Update service regularly updates to the latest maps available. 

Among the Care Connect services, the emergency call (eCall) is one of the most important. If a restraint system is triggered after an accident, an emergency call centre is alerted. In addition, there is a notification function for minor accidents, as well as a breakdown call service. Service Scheduling is also included in the Proactive Services. Here the owner is contacted by the dealer before the vehicle’s service is due in order to arrange a convenient and timely appointment.

The new ŠKODA Connect app on the smartphone also supports more Care Connect services; one particularly interesting feature is the new remote services. The Vehicle status service, for example, informs you about the status of the vehicle's lighting, or open or closed doors. The Parking-position function shows the location of the vehicle. Honk & Flash makes it easier to find for the vehicle by sounding the horn and activating the hazard lights. Area Notification and Speed Notification inform the owner if the vehicle is moved without authorization.

The driver assistance systems in the comprehensively upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA go beyond compact-class standards. Some come from higher segments and complement the already very extensive range. The predictive pedestrian protection is specialized for city driving. In the range between 10 and 60 km/h, it triggers an emergency brake if a pedestrian dangerously steps out into oncoming traffic. The system is part of the optional Front Assist that includes city emergency braking function. Blind Spot Detect supports the driver when changing lanes with two radar sensors monitoring traffic at the rear.  If a collision is imminent, a warning light is illuminated in the exterior mirror housing. Rear Traffic Alert assists when parallel parking or leaving a parking space; it detects oncoming vehicles very early.

Another innovation in the ŠKODA OCTAVIA is the optional trailer assist. Using the rotary switch for the exterior mirrors, the driver specifies the angle at which they want to reverse their trailer. When the driver then slowly accelerates, the system makes appropriate steering suggestions. Maneuvre Assist helps when reversing without a trailer, activating the brakes soon as it detects an obstacle behind it.