Jaguar Land Rover has taken legal measures to defend its intellectual property within the European Union.

Canada-based Bombardier Recreational Products is in a bit of a predicament because it can no longer use “Defender” and derived monikers in countries that are part of the European Union after a ruling from the European Court of Justice following a request made by Land Rover. 

As you would imagine, Jaguar Land Rover is satisfied with the outcome of the legal actions against BRP, with the company’s legal boss saying: “We welcome this ruling, recognizing the enforceability of our intellectual property rights and preventing use by third parties.”

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A spokesman for JLR has told Autocar the company will keep an eye out to make sure it will not happen again in any of the 150+ markets where Jaguar and Land Rover are selling cars.

Besides the ban, BRP will also have to remove the “Defender” badge from all of its products and will have to cover the legal costs. In addition, the company will also have to pay JLR an unspecified amount of money in damages as a result of using "Defender" without authorization in countries part of the European Union.

Interestingly, “Defender” is not the only name borrowed by Bombardier Recreational Products, as there are a couple of Can-Am ATVs that go by the names of “Outlander” and “Renegade." However, so far we have not heard any complaints about this issue from Mitsubishi or Jeep, respectively.

As a final note, we have checked BRP's official website and have discovered it also has a side-by-side vehicle called “Maverick.” Some will remember it is a name used by Ford back in the 1970s and more recently in the first half of the 2000s for the rebadged Escape sold in China and Europe.

Source: Autocar


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