New on-board system can link vehicles together to form a "social network". Drivers can connect to their home or office, various devices and appliances, as well as network with friends and family and message easily from the car.

Chrysler has introduced, inside of its 200C EV Concept vehicle, a new connectivity and entertainment system concept that provides greater connectivity from the vehicle to the outside and online world.

Called Uconnect, the system will feature several capabilities such as connecting to a home or office, synchronizing data between devices and "social networking" services which connect your vehicle to friends, family or colleagues.

Connection to the home can involve remotely controlling appliances or devices such as televisions or computers. Smart telephony connections can also allow a driver to start the car and set the cabin temperature through the phone.

A "teen setting" is also part of the Uconnect package, which allows limitations on speed and range to be set by a vehicle owner.

The highlight of Uconnect, though, has to be what Chrysler calls "vehicle networking". Likening it to social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, Uconnect can link vehicles together so a driver can share information with friends, know where their cars are located at any given time and instant message easily between friends within the network.


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