These are the body kits someone buys when they want everyone on the street to notice them.

There’s nothing subtle about the Toyota C-HR with its heavily creased look that creates a distinctive shape for the compact crossover. Toyota’s Modellista design division is now making sure that no one can think the vehicle is too subtle by introducing the Boost Impulse Style and Elegant Ice Style body kits that make the CUV appear even more edgy. Currently available only in Japan, the upgrades would probably fit in perfectly when driving through hip sections of Tokyo.

The Boost Impulse Style kit on the yellow C-HR makes the compact crossover look ready to be in one of Michael Bay’s modern Transformers blockbusters. The new front splitter features upward sweeping metallic pieces at each corner, and the small strip of LEDs looks like a Decepticon’s eyes. Side skirts with a black center portion add some visual interest to each side. A simulated diffuser at the back features metallic accents that initially appear to be exhaust tips but aren’t. An additional rear spoiler running between the taillights probably doesn’t affect aerodynamics much but looks cool. The components are available individually, and Toyota also sells a set with the front splitter, side skirts, and rear fascia for 183,600 yen ($1,600) painted or 162,000 yen unpainted ($1,400).

Toyota C-HR by Modelista

The Elegant Ice Style kit on the white C-HR tries to look more sophisticated than the Boost Impulse option, but the parts are still quite brash. The front splitter, mirror caps, and side skirts feature metallic trim. The sporty rear fascia has openings at each corner that give the appearance of pulling hot air away from the brakes. These components are available individually. However, Toyota also sells the front splitter, side skirts, and rear fascia as a package for 139,320 yen ($1,200) and 118,800 yen ($1,030) unpainted.

Toyota C-HR by Modelista

In addition to these body kits, Modellista is introducing other colorful add-ons for the C-HR. Buyers can order LED-lit parts for the mirror covers, shark-fin antenna, and license plate lamp that would look impressive at night. There’re also rectangular exhaust tips and a set of 19-inch five-spoke wheels. Inside, buyers can spec LED lighting around the gearshift, roof, foot well, and luggage compartment.

There’s no word yet whether these components might arrive for the C-HR in markets outside of Japan. Toyota's compact crossover is still a fresh sight on the road in many areas and doesn’t arrive in the United States until spring 2017.

Source: Toyota Modellista


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