Apparently that's what happens when you have the wrong license plates.

If your car isn’t up to proper roads standards in most countries, you’re likely to get a fine. But if you’re car isn’t up to proper road standards in Taiwan – well, expect more than a fine coming your way.

One Lamborghini owner found out the hard way what happens when you consistently break Taiwanese road laws. According to the YouTube description, the car didn't have have the correct license plate. Making an example of this Lamborghini in particular – for obvious reasons – the Taiwanese government impounded and destroyed the car so that it can’t be resold. Literally everything must go.

This Lamborghini Murcielago, which featured a few expensive aftermarket parts, is the latest to be torn apart by the Taiwanese government in an effort to promote safer driving, ironically. It’s at the mercy of the crane operator, who heartlessly rips off the front grille and hood before making his way to the doors – ripping those off too –  and eventually the windshield and hood. Though the video doesn’t show it, we assume the 6.5-liter V12 was carelessly removed as well, leaving the former 632-horsepower (471-kilowatt) supercar nothing but a pile of rubble.

It’s definitely a tough video to watch – but for the Taiwanese government, it's a warning to all other drivers that think they might be above the law. If there's one positive thing to take away from this video, at least the car wasn’t in the hands of someone who might wrap it around a light pole or smashing it into a road barrier, putting other drivers at risk.


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