Next in line are Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.

European sales of the all-electric Opel Ampera-e started today in Norway, “by far the most mature EV market in Europe” that will “soon already have 100,000 BEVs on the road.” The German manufacturer explains the choice for first Euro market is easy to explain, as Norway has “successful policies such as no purchase taxes on EVs, exemption from VAT on purchase and leasing, low annual road tax, no charges on toll roads and ferries, free municipal parking, access to bus lanes and 50 percent reduced company car tax.” Not that any of these measures is new, but seeing them all together is impressive.

2017 Opel Ampera-e
2017 Opel Ampera-e
2017 Opel Ampera-e

General Motors previously said it wants to shake up the EV market with its Chevrolet Bolt/Opel Ampera-e twins not only in North America, but also on the Old continent. However, this process will take some time “as the ramp-up production curve for the Ampera-e will be slow.” That’s why first deliveries in Norway are scheduled for spring of 2017, and the next European countries in line, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, will follow a couple of months later. Most other European countries will join in late 2017 or during 2018 as production volume grows.

“The availability of the Ampera-e will be limited due to a slow ramp-up of production at the Orion plant in Michigan,” Peter Christian Kuspert, Opel Group vice president sales and aftersales, confirmed. “Therefore, we made a decision to go with a staggered introduction plan going first with the countries that already have some form of EV infrastructure in place or countries that have shown ambition to become EV leaders. This has created the pecking order Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.”

In its newest press release for the Ampera-e, Opel is once again explaining the promised range of 310 miles (500 kilometers) may “vary and depends on personal driving behavior and on external factors such as the outside temperature or the topography of your respective route.” This is a natural thing, but what’s more interesting, the German automaker now says the car offers “at least 100 km of additional range more than its nearest segment rival currently on the road” versus “by at least 200 km” when the car debuted in Paris earlier this year.

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