The Golf performance trio gets a dose of steroids prescribed by Oettinger.

Oettinger has a great number of upgrade packages tailored to a variety of models from the Volkswagen Group, including for the hot Golfs. There’s now a brand new body kit for the GTI and its diesel equivalent, the Golf GTD. In addition, the German tuner has also created a similar upgrade for the all-paw R, and you can buy these kits directly from VW retailers.

We are big fans of Oettinger’s work because unlike some other tuners, they are able to resist the temptation of making too many changes to the original design. Case in point, the trio of performance Golfs only gets a subtle exterior makeover with a new front spoiler featuring a bespoke splitter. It’s more than just for boosting the hot hatch’s visual appeal since Oettinger mentions the new elements have a functional role and come to enhance aerodynamics. As a matter of fact, the entire body kit has been optimized in the wind tunnel to make sure it will receive the stamp of approval from VW.

VW Golf GTI by Oettinger
VW Golf R by Oettinger

A pair of beefy side skirts comes to accentuate  the Golf’s aggressiveness without overdoing it. Bigger changes have occurred at the back where the Golf GTI and GTD are now rocking quad exhaust tips flanking a new diffuser. As for the grippy Golf R, it has also received a custom exhaust system with a new muffler to enhance soundtrack like on its FWD siblings, but in this case Oettinger will throw in valve control to sweeten the deal. As a final touch, there's a new roof-mounted rear spoiler featuring open flaps.

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The kits are available in U.K. where VW and Oettinger are asking £3,995 for the package compatible with the Golf GTI & GTD and £5,225 for the one suitable for the Golf R.

As a final note, Oettinger has made some insane Golfs over the years, with a recent example being a 518-hp Golf R fitted with an upgraded five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine

Source: Volkswagen


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