That's how much it will cost you at these two dealerships.

Some have called the 911 R the perfect modern Porsche – and it’s hard to disagree. With a naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter inline-six under the hood, a six-speed manual gearbox available exclusively, and a curb weight of just 3,021 pounds (1,370 kilograms), it has everything you’d want in a good 911, and nothing you don’t.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of owning this perfect Porsche is slim to none. With all new examples already having been accounted for, lightly-used versions are showing up on the market with some staggering price tags. This one, for example, is up for sale in Norway for a mind-boggling $770,000 (6,490,000KR). Another, meanwhile, is up for sale in Woodland Hills, California, for $699,000 (£886,900).

2016 Porsche 911 R

So why the monstrous asking price? Just a limited amount of these purist Porsches were built to celebrate 50 years, each one with an MSRP of $184,900, a 500-horsepower (372-kilowatt) engine, and a set of houndstooth cloth seats – the latter of which are worth the cost alone. 

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the 911 R command such high prices. Back in July, fresh off its debut in Geneva, we saw prices in the U.K. surge as high as £800,000 ($1M), and even one example in the U.S. was listed for $1.25M (£1.5M). It remains to be seen whether those cars actually sold for the high asking price, or if dealerships were just trying to make a quick million based on exclusivity.

The real question here is: is this rare 911 actually worth it? For both hardcore Porsche enthusiasts and wealthy car collectors alike, we assume that answer would be yes. Previous examples have garnered close to $300,000 on the used market. Personally, I prefer my 911 Rs without stripes.


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