There is plenty to love about the new Ford Focus RS. Its 350 horsepower (260 kilowatt) engine, the introduction of drift mode, all-wheel drive – heck, even police in the U.K. want to use it as a patrol car. But this video gives us another reason entirely to desire Ford’s latest hot hatch – especially if you live in a snowy region.

Head to head against an old-school Subaru STI rally car, a nearly stock Focus RS can seemingly hold its own. The video was put together by the folks at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire, and shows the RS hanging tough against one of the most most successful rally cars in the business on a snowy rally stage.

Admittedly, the Focus does have a few slight modifications that you can't get direct from the factory. Smaller brakes, Bilstein performance shocks, 15-inch wheels, an ABS delete, and the inclusion of a skid pad are to note. Otherwise, the car is said to be completely stock, and even still has the radio – in case you need to blast some 21 Pilots while drifting around a corner.

At the end of the day, founder of Team O’Neil and former rally driver Tim O’Neil said he was very impressed with how the new Focus RS performed alongside the Subaru rally car. Even with most of its stock components and its 3,400-pound (1,542-kilogram) curb weight, it puts up a pretty decent fight. The team says it will continue to test the hatch around the facility throughout the year, getting it ready for some serious rally action in the near future.


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