A photo showing the 2010 Chevrolet Spark has leaked out into cyberspace. The car is the production version of the Beat concept from 2007.

A production-ready picture of the Chevrolet Spark has been leaked out. Previously known as the Beat concept, it pushed aside two other small concept cars (the Groove and Trax) to earn its place on the Chevrolet production line.

The American morning show the TODAY Show had a Spark on partial display recently. During the show GM Vice President of Global Design Ed Welburn confirmed the Beat was the people's choice when it came to voting which of the three concepts should have been considered for production. A web-based vote gathered over two million votes and the Spark won.

Most of this compact seems to have retained the Beat concept's popular design cues so very little has changed in terms of looks. However one of the most notable changes is larger windows. The front end is less sporty, appears to be raised higher off the ground. A few lines have been altered including fog lamps, headlights and the grille. The side profile has also adapted to reality by accommodating rear doors, although a three-door version may be made similar to the Beat concept. It could also be that same version that will appear in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen later on this year.

An engine range starting with a 1.2-litre (with and without a turbo) is envisaged while drive will be through the front wheels for a more spacious cabin. This is the car that GM may pin its hopes on for a global mass sales revival, even though in some countries like the US it may not be badged as a Chevrolet but a Pontiac.

The 2009 Detroit International Auto Show will reveal full details of the car.


2010 Chevy Spark Photo Leaked - aka Beat Concept