It's essentially a head-up display linked to your car as well as your smartphone.

The first order of business for Harman now that it has agreed to become a member of Samsung’s portfolio is to invest in a portable head-up display called Navdy. The hardware is available for $799 and is placed on top of the dashboard in front of the driver to deliver information sourced from a smartphone. It can show a wide array of information, such as text messages, driving directions, alerts about incoming phone calls, and song titles.

Not only that, but Navdy is also hooked up to the car via the OBD-II interface, so it delivers to the driver important data about the vehicle, like speed, fuel level, and also notifications about getting the car serviced. The user controls the HUD by attaching a rotary knob on the steering wheel, while the Navdy app available for iOS and Android bridges the connection between the device and the smartphone.

With Harman being one of the world’s biggest suppliers of car-related infotainment systems, the decision to invest in Navdy makes perfect sense after the $8-billion deal with Samsung. Navdy’s CEO, Doug Simpson, said the company had been in discussions with several car manufacturers about a potential investment prior to reaching an agreement with Harman.

By joining forces, Harman has announced it will offer the product, which is being billed as an aftermarket “augmented reality driving device,” to automotive OEMs beginning with next month. Navdy is currently available only in North America, but Simpson says there are plans of an expansion to introduce the HUD device in Europe, Asia, and South America.

It’s not known at this point how much money Harman is investing in Navdy, but Simpson mentions the San Francisco-based startup has managed to obtain so far a total of $42 million from investors, including from a few venture capital companies as well as from chip giant Qualcomm.

Source: Automotive News


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