The venerable off roader in its fifth iteration has been around in the Land Down Under since way back in 1997 and it’s finally ready for a much-deserved retirement. The Y62 was launched locally in 2013, but it is only now the older model is being phased out with a Legend Edition packing a lot more goodies for only a fraction of the price you’d normally have to pay. It costs $600 more than the Y61 Patrol wagon ST upon which it’s based, but you get $10,000 worth of extra kit. Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

It comes fitted with an assortment of accessories, such as a heavy-duty steel bull bar, roof rack, bull bar-mounted electric winch, a tow bar, as well as a soft cover for the spare wheel and even a snorkel. Not only that, but the special Patrol (Armada in U.S.) also gets a rearview camera, satellite navigation, and a custom body decal.

Nissan Patrol Legend Edition
Nissan Patrol Legend Edition

Created specifically for the Australian market, the Legend Edition rides on 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 275/65R17 tires with stopping power provided by four-wheel ventilated disc brakes. Speaking of power, underneath the hood resides the trusty turbodiesel 3.0-liter with 158 hp (118 kilowatts) and 280 pound-feet (380 Newton-meters) of torque for the manual or 261 lb-ft (354 Nm) if you opt for the automatic transmission.

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Should you find the special edition Y61 appealing, you’d better hurry up as Nissan is making only 300 units of the Legend Edition. Pricing kicks off at $57,990 for the version equipped with the five-speed manual gearbox whereas the one fitted with the four-speed automatic will set you back $60,990. Nissan Australia is already taking orders for the last hurrah of the Y61 generation of which more than 104,000 units have been sold since its introduction almost two decades ago.

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Nissan Australia has presented its final iteration of the acclaimed Patrol Y61 Wagon: the Legend Edition.

Since 1997, the Patrol Y61 has earned an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most capable and respected off-road SUVs. Nissan’s Y61 Patrol (wagon) and UY61 (cab-chassis) models have been popular with customers in need of capable and dependable off-road and workhorse performance in the most testing driving terrain. From farming to construction to transport and specialised heavy industries, these two Nissan Patrol models have been popular and trusted fixtures.

“The Nissan Patrol has chiselled its reputation for ruggedness and dependability in some of Australia’s harshest conditions,” said Richard Emery, Managing Director and CEO of Nissan Australia. “Patrol has a long list of achievements in Australia, most notably being the first vehicle to cross Australia’s remote Simpson Desert, which it did in 1962. We celebrated this milestone in 2012, just ahead of the Australian release of the impressive Patrol Y62, the natural successor to the highly credentialed Y61 Patrol wagon.

“The Nissan Patrol Y61 Legend Edition is a fitting representation of what this model has delivered for the last 20 years. Its collection of Nissan genuine accessories highlights not only its off-road capabilities but the spirit of adventure that Patrol has represented to generations of Australians. And in this 50th year of Nissan Motor Company Australia, it’s the perfect time for it to pass the baton of Nissan’s off-road leadership to the Patrol Y62.”

Since its Australian release in 1997, more than 104,000 examples of the Nissan Patrol Y61 wagon have been sold locally. When combined with the preceding Y60 model and the current Patrol Y62, close to 160,000 Patrol wagons have been chosen by Australian buyers since 1987. 

Key elements in this press kit

  • To coincide with the 50th year of Nissan Motor Co. (Australia) and the final iteration of the Patrol Y61 for this market, Nissan has released the Patrol Y61 Wagon Legend Edition (limited to 300 units).
    • This special edition version of the long-standing Patrol Y61 Wagon includes more than $10,000 of Nissan genuine accessories for a special drive-away price.
    • Sales figures:
      • Nissan Patrol Y61 wagon sales in Australia:  104,510 (1997-Oct. 2016)
      • Nissan Patrol UY61 cab-chassis sales in Australia: 37,112 (1999-Oct. 2016)
      • Nissan Patrol Y60 wagon sales in Australia:  52,461 (1987-1997)
      • Nissan Patrol UY60 cab-chassis sales in Australia: 18,248 (1988-1999)
    • Nissan Patrol Y61 Wagon Legend Edition now hands the baton of off-road leadership to the Patrol Y62.
  • Nissan Patrol Y62
    • 298kW and 560Nm of V8 performance with ALL-MODE 4x4 technology and Hydraulic Body Motion Control for high-comfort touring, off-road driving and ease of towing.
    • Two model grades (Ti, Ti-L), each delivering exceptional value.
    • Nissan Patrol Y62 wagon sales in Australia: 2,576 (2013-Oct. 2016)
  • Six generations of Nissan Patrol have delivered a variety of milestones in Australia’s tough driving and working climates.

Nissan Patrol Y61 Wagon Legend Edition

Nissan has developed the Y61 Patrol Legend Edition to celebrate its long heritage in Australia. Based on the Y61 Patrol wagon ST, the Legend Edition comes equipped with more than $10,000 of additional value and is limited to 300 units. It is on sale at authorised Nissan dealerships across Australia.

Powering the Y61 Patrol Legend Edition is the model’s proven 3.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine, delivering 118kW of maximum power and a peak torque of 380Nm (manual, between 2,000 – 2,400 rpm) and 354Nm (automatic, at 2,000 rpm).

Customers can choose from either a five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic transmission.

The Y61 Patrol’s off-road capabilities come courtesy of various technical solutions. The low ratio (2.02:1) in the transfer case eases progress in steep and particularly rough terrain and the automatic locking free-wheeling hubs (which turn the front wheels in unison) simplify off-road driving in rough conditions. The rear differential lock helps deliver impressive traction in particularly tough terrain. The three-link coil-sprung front suspension aids in wheel articulation, as does the five-link rear suspension which also uses coil springs. Both deliver a comfortable ride in on-road conditions.

The Patrol Y61 Legend Edition comes fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels with 275/65R17 tyres. Stopping power is provided by four-wheel ventilated disc brakes.

The Patrol has long been regarded as an excellent touring vehicle and its 95-litre main fuel tank, supplemented by a 30-litre sub-tank, provides excellent driving range over long distances.
Maximum braked-trailer towing capacities are 3,200 kilograms with the manual transmission and 2,500 kilograms with the automatic transmission. For maximum tow-ball download weights, please consult the specifications sheet in the folder titled ‘Specifications’ in the electronic press kit.

Combined-cycle fuel consumption with the manual transmission is 10.9-litres^ per 100 kilometres travelled and 11.8-litres^ with the automatic transmission. 

The Nissan Patrol Y61 Legend Edition is summarised below:

  • Nissan Patrol Y61 Legend Edition
    • Based on the Patrol Y61 wagon ST model grade
    • Available with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Volume: 300 units (available until sold)
  • Market: This special edition model is specific to Australia
  • Colours available: White Diamond, Polar White, Platinum
  • Nissan Genuine Accessories inclusions:
    • Heavy-duty steel bull bar (airbag compatible)
    • Bull bar-mounted electric winch
    • Tow bar
    • Satellite navigation
    • Rear-view camera
    • Roof rack
    • Snorkel
    • Soft cover for the spare wheel
    • Custom decal

Nissan has applied generous drive-away prices for the Nissan Patrol Y61 Legend Edition. They are summarised below.

Nissan Patrol Y61 Wagon ST Legend Edition

Drive-away Prices**

With 5-speed manual transmission


With 4-speed automatic transmission


To indicate the customer value of this Patrol Y61 Legend Edition, the standard Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)* for the standard Patrol Y61 wagon ST with manual transmission is $57,390 (this price does not include and on-road, dealer or government charges). The prices shown in the table above are complete drive-away prices and include the additional Nissan Genuine Accessories previously mentioned, which have a combined retail price of more than $10,000.