German tuner Kicherer takes the old Mercedes SL and makes it new again. The package includes lightweight carbon fiber paneling for better aerodynamics and a rear wing for more down force on the rear-axle. Kicherer cast wheels round out the package.

This Mercedes by Kicherer is not the new SL. It is not the SL 63 AMG. It's all Kicherer. At least, that's what the German tuner claims. And we make no arguments against that.

The Kicherer Mercedes SL Evo II is based on the old Mercedes SL R230. But Kicherer has made it its own, with a carbon fiber rear wing and front skirt, hand-made, lightweight cast wheels and a few other in-house goodies.

The whole package also includes new side air intakes to make the SL Evo II breath a little easier and carbon fiber aerodynamic paneling all around, including a rear diffuser, lessen air resistance. The lightweight rear wing makes up the patented KICHERER Downforce-System, an electronically controlled flap that optimizes down force on the rear axle for maximum performance and stability.

For even stickier handling, a suspension lowering by an additional 25 mm is made possible through a re-programming of the electronic suspension system.

No pricing details were made available.


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