Ohio based tuner SPI have turned a 997 Porsche into a 1000hp sledgehammer able to dash from 0 - 60mph in under 3 seconds!

Switzer Performance Innovations (SPI) of Ohio, USA, is a renowned tuner of Porsche products, specifically for the Porsche 996 and 997 models. At some point SPI, through owner Tym Switzer wondered what the limits of a tuned 997 would be, how much horsepower a stock engine could take.

Soon SPI was working on this ‘experiment' and the results are here for all to see. The car aptly named the SLEDGEHAMMER makes over 850 all-wheel horsepower running on racing fuel. That translates to over 1000hp at the crank. The figures were produced from a 997 twin turbo engine through extensive ECU tuning, the use of SPI-developed headers, a sports exhaust system, an intercooler package and SPI-tuned GT30R turbos. Every part of the system was constantly metered and tested by SPI during development.

On tar the SLEDGEHAMMER creates something close to what would be considered magical numbers. The 0 - 60mph time is consistently in the mid-2 seconds, and its massive tractability is shown by a 60 - 130mph time of less than 5 seconds. The quarter mile is trashed in 9.796 seconds and 195mph was almost achieved at the Texas mile, an abandoned air strip in Texas.

Any interested party can purchase himself a SLEDGEHAMMER package for US$49,990 through SPI's website. If that is a bit out of reach at least check out the video showing the fourth and final quarter mile attempt as well as a whistling dyno run here.


SPI 997 SLEDGEHAMMER 1000 hp Porsche Conversion Package