A possible BMW M7 has been captured on camera 100km outside of Munich sporting one or two telltale signs. When it is finally launched it will be the first time BMW has produced an M version of the 7 Series.

Though not officially so, BMW has on occasion admitted to cooking up a hotter version of the new 7 Series. Could these spy pictures be representing that top of the range BMW called the M7? The pictures landed on the laps of our friends at Motortips after being sent to them by a reader named Francisco.

Francisco had been at his local supermarket about 100km west of Munich when he spotted a different-looking black BMW parked outside. Thinking it was a 2011 5 Series he went for a closer look. Upon realising the vehicle was a 7 Series he noticed other features that set it aside from normal 7ers. For instance, the car had big black wheels with low profile tires and a dual exhaust system with trapezoidal tips, which is different from other models in the 7 Series lineup. Only M cars are fitted with double tailpipes at BMW.

Was it a special owner-tuned version perhaps? That would have made sense had the badges not been deliberately covered to protect the car's true identity. Apart from the badges there is no other disguise visible enough for the eye to see, pointing to an imminent public reveal.

It's the first time that BMW is producing an M-badged 7 Series after many years of speculation. The BMW M7 will go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz S63 / S65 AMG and the upcoming supercharged Jaguar XJR. It should produce in excess of 600hp (447kW).

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