There are only two known cases of there being problems with the components.

Tesla is recalling a total of 7,000 units of three charging adapters in the United States that allow owners to plug their vehicle into different types of outlets, according to Automotive News. The electric vehicle maker has two reports of them overheating, and the plastic around the parts melting. There are no known injuries or deaths from this issue. Tesla says that these adapters “are used by relatively few of our customers.”

Tesla received two complaints of problems with older versions of its NEMA 14-30 charging adapter in November 2016. This type of outlet is generally for plugging in a clothes dryer. While there are no reports of safety issues, the company is also recalling the NEMA 10-30 and 6-50 adapters out of an abundance of caution.

Tesla Charging Adapter Recall
Tesla Charging Adapter Recall

The company will mail replacement adapters to owners. Customers with the NEMA 14-30 one will get a new part in a couple of weeks. Because there are no known problems with them, people with the 10-30 or 6-50 get substitutes in around three months.

These adapters are not standard equipment with Tesla’s vehicles. The company already stopped selling them on its Website.

This is only the second recall from Tesla in 2016. In April, the firm issued a safety campaign for 2,700 examples of the Model X in the U.S. because the third-row seat could have folded forward in a crash. The hinge that allowed them to move might not have locked into place.

The company’s biggest recall in its history occurred last year when the automaker needed to repair every Model S up until that point – around 90,000 vehicles. It was possible that the seatbelt might have not properly connected to the pretensioner, and the issue could have been a safety concern during a crash.

Source: Tesla, Automotive News

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