Tripped Out: Latvia sets three drifters loose at a former Soviet missile base, and the result is amazing. High-powered cars slide through the overgrown site that transitions from heavily forested to more open expanses of tarmac. They even speed past a giant sculpture of Vladimir Lenin’s head.

The crew puts on a spectacular performance here. Ryan Tuerck is behind the wheel of a supercharged E92 BMW M3; Kristaps Blušs slides an E46 M3 with a supercharged V8, and Matt Powers brings a Nissan 350Z with a biturbo V8 to the show. The trio proves quite adept at sliding in unison.

If there’s one major complaint about this clip, it’s the music that plays throughout the whole thing. There’s nothing wrong with the song itself, but the sound levels are too high over the rest of the video. Given the highly tuned engines in these drift machines, we suspect much of the audience would rather hear the powerplants roar rather than someone singing. However, this is a fairly minor gripe because the rest of the action is so fun to watch.

While these three machines are impressive, we also would have liked to see Tuerck driving the Toyota 86 with a Ferrari-sourced 4.5-liter V8. He worked on the GT4586 project with Gumout and Donut Media, which produced this video. With 562-horsepower (419 kilowatts), it certainly would have had enough power to hang with the BMWs. Plus, the powerplant’s wail probably would have drowned out the music.

The video below offers a behind-the-scenes look at the action. It takes a ton of work to create a clip like Tripped Out: Latvia, and this is just a brief sample of some of the effort necessary for such an amazing result.

Via: Speedhunters

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