Audi achieves one of its foremost goals for the brand, cracking the 1 million sales mark. In 2008, the Ingolstadt-based automaker also sported the youngest model range in the premium segment with a new A4 Avant and the brand new Q5 SUV.

Even in a tough year like 2008, Audi was able to achieve one of its foremost goals for the brand - to crack the 1 million sales mark.

The Ingolstadt, Germany-based Audi, part of the VW Group, increased its sales for 2008 by 4.1 percent, selling 1,003,400 vehicles for the year.

Audi continues to pursue its primary strategy to make the brand as competitive as possible with its far more established fellow German rivals, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In 2008, it introduced the first generation Audi Q5 SUV along with a new A4 Avant and product upgrades of the A3 and A6. As a result, Audi sports the youngest model range in the premium brand market.

This is the 13th consecutive year of record sales for Audi, proof that its strategy for catching up to its rivals is working. In a market with plummeting sales, the brand increased December sales in Western Europe by 22.7 percent compared to December 2007. For 2008, total sales were up 2.5 percent for the region. Audi also saw an increase in sales in the Asia-Pacific region by 15.6 percent for the whole of 2008, although sales in the United States were down from 2007.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of AUDI AG, said in a press release,"We want to make Audi the most attractive premium brand worldwide." Translation: we hope to beat BMW and Mercedes sales figures someday.


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Audi Annual Sales Pass One Million for First Time