General Motors Europe will invest a total of €billion into Opel through 2012, thus strengthening its core brand.

GM Europe today announced that they will invest heavily in their core European brand Opel. From now until 2012 GM will pour Euro 9 billion into the German marque, of which Euro 6.5 billion will go directly into new vehicles and propulsion systems. Opel will have 20 new models by 2012 and a larger range of electric cars which should result in a higher market share, especially in the German market where Opel hopes to reach a 10% market share in the medium term.

First in line is the new Opel Insignia and the new Astra, but today Opel executives also confirmed that the next-generation Meriva with its rear-hinged doors, the FlexDoor system, will go into production. The 20 new vehicles consist of 17 passenger cars and 3 LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles). Opel's Russelheim engineers will work closely with GM's Volt project in order to get the E-Flex system ready for series production.

Opel will also invest Euro 900 million in its Rüsselsheim plant where GM hopes to build a new generation of upper midsize cars of which the Insignia is the first. The Bochum, Kaiserslautern and Eisenach plants also receive considerable fund injections.