A 350hp Lotus Evora could be just below the Lotus development radar for a 2011 launch date. According to an insider, the supercharged Evora would break the 5 second barrier in sprint times.

Lotus plans to develop an extended line of Evora versions, most of which will be launched by the year 2011. At the bottom of the list is a supercharged Lotus Evora ‘SC' capable of 350hp (260kW) to be ready for market in 2011. "We've already had a blown version of the V6 engine running on a bench," a source inside Lotus told Autocar. "It delivered 350bhp and 290lb ft of torque [up from 252lb ft in the standard car] without any modifications at all."

The new normally aspirated Lotus Evora is due out this May. It produces 276hp (206kW). No performance figures are available for the car but the source has confirmed it can sprint from 0 - 60mph in around 5.5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 160mph (257km/h).

It is likely then that an Evora SC would put the 0 - 60mph figure at under 5 seconds and increase top velocity to about 175mph (282km/h). Launch dates are still some way off though but already more derivatives are being planned. A US-friendly automatic model is on this planned list, as well as an open top example for late 2010.

"The open-top car will be a more difficult one for us than you might expect," said the Lotus insider. "At the £50,000 price point customers expect an integrated electric roof mechanism, and that presents packaging challenges for us." Lotus is keen on this option instead of a manual hood like on the Elise.

A price of about £45,000 is expected for the Evora, depending on currency fluctuations. An SC version would come in at between £55,000 and £60,000 depending on spec.