Seen here with the Vauxhall badge, the all-new Insignia is flaunting its sharper body.

It was only a couple of days ago when our spy photographers caught on camera an undisguised Insignia Grand Sport in United States, and now Opel and Vauxhall are finally ready to show the revamped midsize model. Previewed by the 2013 Monza concept, the all-new rival for the VW Passat has lost as much as 175 kilograms (385 pounds), with the body alone shaving off about 60 kg (132 lbs) of fat. It’s even more impressive when you take into account the new car is actually bigger than its predecessor.

The wheelbase has been stretched by 92 mm (3.6 inches) to free up more legroom for passengers sitting in the back. In addition, Opel has increased the track by 11 mm (0.4 inches) and has also lowered the roof by 29 mm (1.1 inches) to lend the Insignia Grand Sport a sleeker stance. The overhangs have been shortened while the drag coefficient now stands at 0.26 thanks to aero tweaks to boost efficiency.

Up front, the elegant grille sits lower than before and is flanked by the new matrix LED headlights lending the car a high-tech look. More light-emitting diodes are found at the back where the wide taillights and the third brake light have received the same LED treatment.

2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport

Stepping inside the cabin, it takes cues from the smaller Astra, but there’s now leather on the upper part of the dashboard and the quality of the materials should be up a notch. Some of the goodies on the menu include heated front and rear seats, with the ergonomic front ones benefiting from massage, memory, and ventilation functions. There's also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, along with a heated windshield and a head-up display, but keep in mind most of these will cost extra. An important change compared to the model before it is the 3-cm (1.1-inch) lowered position for the driver as a way to boost the sense of sportiness.

On the safety side, Opel and Vauxhall are going to sell the 2017 Insignia Grand Sport with a rear cross traffic alert system capable of detecting objects coming from as much as 20 meters, while the lane keep assist will come bundled with lane departure warning. In addition, adaptive cruise control will also be offered and will automatically engage emergency braking in case it detects an imminent danger.

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As far as the engines are concerned, all we know from the two marques is that a wide array of turbocharged units are going to be available, some of which will be hooked up to a new eight-speed automatic. Initially available only on cars equipped with all-wheel drive, the new auto 'box promises to deliver "extremely smooth and hardly noticeable" gear shifts and at the same time will slash fuel consumption.

2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport
2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport

Speaking of AWD, Opel and Vauxhall are saying it’s a new development with two electrically-controlled multi-plate clutches replacing the rear axle differential. The 2017 Insignia Grand Sport will boast torque vectoring capabilities and an adaptive FlexRide chassis with multiple selectable driving modes.

While the press release isn’t saying a word about the engines, we already know a new 1.5-liter gasoline engine will be available with 163 horsepower (121 kilowatts) and 184 pound-feet (250 Newton-meters) channeled to the road via a six-speed manual. A beefier 247-hp 2.0-liter will also be available from day one and it will work with the aforementioned eight-speed automatic AWD setup. 1.6- and 2.0-liter turbodiesel engines will complete the range and will deliver upwards of 110 hp (82 kW).

The 2017 Insignia Grand Sport will receive the Buick Regal badge once it will hit the U.S. border for the 2018 model year. In addition, the midsize model is also travelling to Australia where it will be known as the 2018 Holden Commodore.

Opel and Vauxhall will host the world premiere of the Insignia Grand Sport in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show, with the more practical Sports Tourer also due next year. The latter is also U.S.-bound, and it might be called the Buick Regal Tourx if we were to rely on a trademark registration.

Source: Vauxhall

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