Even more variants of the luxury SUV are on the way.

Bentley thinks that its new Bentayga needs some siblings. According to a report from Autocar, the company has plans to expand its SUV range with at least three offerings – a coupe-style version, a long-wheelbase version, and even a limited-edition high-performance version similar to the Continental GT Speed and GT3-R, each one with a variety of powertrains.

A plug-in hybrid version of the Bentayga is expected in 2018, with the coupe to follow a year later alongside a fresh facelift pending VW board approval. Though not confirmed, CEO Wolfgang Durheimer says that he is "confident that [approval] will happen" for the coupe.

"We are the first in the luxury SUV space and at the moment unopposed, said Durheimer, "but there are lots of rivals coming to the sector. The question we need to answer is if there is space for all these different bodystyles."

Following the coupe, an extended-wheelbase model – which is already said to be in development – will debut aimed for markets like China and the Middle East specifically. The company hopes the longer Bentayga will share the same success as the already-available Mulsanne EWB, which Durheimer says the company sells "almost exclusively" in those markets.

Pending the success of the coupe and extended-wheelbase models, head of engineering Rolf Frech says that a highly-tuned Bentayga Speed is under consideration to rival cars like the Range Rover SVR and others. “If we have enough people who want the car, and they are new to the brand rather than people who will choose this Bentley rather than another one, then we will consider it," said Frech.

We'll catch our first glimpse of the plug-in Bentayga sometime next year before it goes on sale in 2018.

Source: Autocar


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