It’s a self-driving electric car with a little planter in the interior.

The ultra-imaginative Swiss designers at Rinspeed have now revealed even more details about the company’s Oasis concept. Unlike pretty much any other concept car we’ve seen before, this one has a garden inside.

The Oasis is a small, upright all-electric hatchback with expansive windows that give a greenhouse-like effect. With seating for two inside, the car has ZF-sourced in-wheel electric motors and can rotate its wheels to pirouette with a very small turning radius. The Oasis is designed as a self-driving vehicle that will let occupants relax. The steering wheel folds flat and turns into a keyboard, for instance, and there’s a curved display screen that both shows entertainment content and allows occupants to control the Oasis. The car will even project notifications and other messages on the ground for passengers to see as the enter or exit the vehicle.

Perhaps the most unusual feature, though, is the built-in garden just behind the steering wheel. Rinspeed says there’s enough space to grow small plants like radishes or bonsai trees in the removable planter.

The Oasis is designed primarily as a ride-sharing shuttle; Rinspeed says passengers could summon the car via their smartphone for rides wherever they need to go. To keep them occupied, there’s a 24-speaker Harman Kardon sound system and the aforementioned display on board, as well as Microsoft Office and Skype applications for business travelers on the go. Another feature lets the Oasis serve as a pizza-delivery vehicle; a lockable trunk can be opened by pizza vendors to shlep your pie to its destination.

If you’re feeling like taking charge yourself, the Oasis will let you drive manually – after, that is, you pass an, “automatically administered fitness and alertness test.” When the computers take over and drive, the windshield becomes a display and the rear-view mirrors are dimmed because the passengers no longer need them.

The Rinspeed Oasis will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017 and then will be display at the Detroit Auto Show later that month. It’s one of several recent concepts that imagines how vehicle passengers might use their time to relax rather than drive once fully autonomous vehicles are a priority.

Source: Rinspeed

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