The company will focus on hybrid vehicles.

Toyota has announced a super ambitious plan to reduce the total CO2 emissions of its model lineup by a whole 90 percent by the middle of this decade. In order to achieve this, the Japanese manufacturer will expand its hybrid technology development team by 30 percent through 2021, when it aims to offer no less than 19 new low-emissions powertrain options.

By the same year, about 60 percent of all Toyota vehicles sold in Japan, Europe, the United States, and China will be using new powertrains components, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15 percent compared to the average level of new cars sold last year.

But improved efficiency is not the brand’s only goal, as it wants to deliver “fun to drive” cars to its customers. Toyota explains it aims to make cars “with driving performance that responds to the will of the driver and are, at the same time, highly fuel efficient, among having other environment-friendly attributes.”


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As a part of its project, the automaker is introducing a new 2.5-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection. It’s part of the new Dynamic Force Engines family and has one of the world’s best thermal efficiencies - 40 percent when used in gasoline-powered vehicles and 41 percent when used in hybrid vehicles, according to the company.

Also, Toyota has revealed two new automatic transmissions, eight-speed and ten-speed gearboces, which are “more compact and lighter than comparative conventional transmissions, lowering a vehicle's fuel requirements.” Their lower center of gravity results in “both improved straight-driving stability and better cornering stability.”

But it’s not going to be only hybrids, as the Japanese manufacturer plans to launch its first-ever all-electric model by 2020, and has appointed company president Akio Toyoda as head of the newly-formed electric car division. He will lead EV planning, along with Toyota’s executive vice presidents Mitsuhisa Kato and Shigeki Terashi.

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Source: Toyota via Automotive News

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