A bright idea to make the Lexus stand out to hip young music lovers.

If you thought the Sriracha-themed Lexus IS was the be-all, end-all of unusual special editions for the brand’s sport sedan, well, you’re wrong. Lexus has now dressed up an IS sedan in more multicolored lights than a Times Square advertisement. Fitting both its brightness and the way cool young people talk, Lexus has called this the Lit IS.

With 41,999 programmable color LEDs all over its bodywork, this Lexus IS produces a total of 175,000 lumens of illumination at full strength, though the exact color options vary with the chosen mode. In Attract mode, the lights are programmed to show “colorful graphics that highlight the strong lines of the IS.” Set to Music Viz, the Lexus’s light show becomes a three-dimensional visualizer for your favorite tunes. And in Gesture mode, the lights follow patterns set out by a user’s hand motions.

As well as a vessel for advertising the 2017 Lexus IS, the Lit IS is the star of a new music video from U.K. artist Dua Lipa. In the video for her song “Be the One,” seen below, the Lit IS appears in shadowy rooms as décor.

Regardless of the practicality or purpose of bedazzling a Lexus in tens of thousands of colored LEDs, the resulting effect is pretty cool. Take a closer look at it in the videos below.

Source: Lexus


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