The salesman is facing criminal charges, as well.

A Texas Toyota dealer is being sued after it was discovered the sales director had sent nude pictures of a female customer to a swingers website. The now-former sales director is also facing criminal charges regarding the incident.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Tim and Claire Gautreaux went to Texas Toyota of Grapevine, near Dallas, to purchase a new Prius in January of last year. Closing the deal, Tim handed his phone over to the salesman so a copy of a pre-approved financing document could be shown to the sales director, Matthew Luke Thomas.

When the phone was returned, Tim searched for another image on his phone and realized a year-old image of his wife getting out of the bath had been accessed. He subsequently found the image had been emailed to a swingers website - the original email had been deleted, but was saved to another app on Tim’s phone.

Thomas was arrested in November 2015, charged with breaching computer security. The owner of the dealership told police Thomas was in possession of the phone at the time the email was sent, and a profile connected to Thomas was found on the swingers ‘site. He will apear in court later this month.

Tim and Claire are suing Thomas, Texas Toyota of Grapevine, and Toyota Motor North America alleging breach contract, intrusion, negligence, and public disclosure of private facts. They are being represented by noted lawyer Gloria Allred whose previous clients include a number of women who have made allegations against Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.

Tim, a 29-year-old pastor, said: “This private moment that was intended to remind us of our happiness together was ripped away and replaced with fear and uncertainty.”

27-year old retail manager Claire added: “I want to make sure that it does not happened to anyone else. I hope to bring awareness and prevent other from being victimized as I was.”

Last month it was reported that a Georgia Chevrolet dealer was being sued by a female customer who was threatened with the release of nude images if she did not remove a negative comment from social media.

Watch Tim and Claire's news conference below.


Source: The Dallas Morning News