Another trailer for Gran Turismo Sport has dropped, and it looks absolutely stunning. As it should, because the trailer is, in fact, all about the game’s next-gen graphics.  

It almost goes without saying that GTS in rendered in 4K hi-definition with high-dynamic-range (HDR), creating photorealistic images with true-to-life lighting. So-called “wide color” adds to the effect, giving real depth to the cars’ paintwork.

Certain cars and tracks will be compatible with virtual reality headsets, too, putting you right into the thick of the action. And it is the first version of Gran Turismo with a livery creator - catching up to Forza about a thousand years later.

The really big news with GTS, though, is that it forms the basis of the first FIA-sanctioned digital race series. Players will be able to compete for their country in the Nations Cup, or for their preferred marque in the Manufacturers Cup. The best players from around the world will contest weekly shootouts, broadcast live with commentary, and the overall champion will receive their trophy at the ultra-swanky FIA prize giving ceremony at the end of the year. Alongside the F1 champion, the WRC champion, the WTCC champion, the WRX champion, and so on. It’s a really big deal, in other words.

There has been no mention of a bigger prize package for the champion, but there have been suggestions success in the game could count towards a real-life racing license. Given the success of Nissan’s GT Academy, which has proved gamers can be turned into pro racers, it would be surprising if the GTS champion doesn’t at least get offered a test.

As we have come to expect, GTS has been delayed. It was originally slated for launch in November of this year, but has now been pushed back to an unspecified point in 2017. We can only hope it’s worth the wait.

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