NCE has taken the roof off Toyota's popular Prius, and a rather clumsy look has resulted. Some have apparently placed orders, who knows why.

NCE, or Newport Convertible Engineering, is going all out to please the green brigade by not only supplying them with a Prius - one of our time’s greatest known “green” vehicle – but also letting them look up at the sky to see blue. Blue, not green. The rendition reminds one of cars converted by ourselves in the backyard during a form of depression of some sort. Remember VW’s Golf 1 cabrio of the 1980s? Worse still, it looks very much like Chrysler’s misdesigned interpretation of PT Cruiser cabrio.

NCE hasn’t done badly before, but this time we have to lodge a slight objection. Perhaps you are one of the buyers who ordered this car? Tell us why you did it and how much it’s cost you.

Gallery: Toyota Prius Convertible By NCE

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