You don't even have to like the posh SUV to appreciate these stunning shots.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so perhaps in this case we should allow the 42-photo gallery below to do all the talking for us. Just to give you a bit of background about the stunning imagery, it’s the work of Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen, with the focal point being the Range Rover TDV6 Autobiography. In some of the images, the SUV isn’t actually featured at all, but that’s perfectly ok with us as the scenery alone is worth a look.

Bendiksen joined forces with photographic agency Magnum Photos for a new series of works dubbed “Ultimate Vistas” to showcase the big Range Rover in several areas, from vast fjords and islands to the Dovrefjell mountain range located in central Norway. The journey actually kicked off in Oslo, the capital and most populous city in the country, before embarking on an epic adventure, which also included driving on the switchback roads of the Trollstigen as well as on the snow-covered plateaus and the Art Nouveau-inspired town of Ålesund.

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Range Rover photo shoot by Jonas Bendiksen
Range Rover photo shoot by Jonas Bendiksen

Here’s what Jonas Bendiksen had to say about the new exciting project:

“I spend my entire life chasing that perfect picture, but part of the joy of it is in that hunt. Photography is for me a language, a way in which I can express myself, and it has become a way in which I see the world. I love trips I can do entirely by driving. When I’m on the road I can stop anywhere and capture an opportunity in an instant. The Range Rover was the perfect partner for me in that respect.”

The good news is Norway is just the beginning of the series, with Land Rover mentioning similar photo shoots will also take place in United States and China.

Source: Land Rover

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