803 examples for a population of 7.4 billion people. Still pretty rare.

Back in April this year, BMW announced it will manufacture no more than 700 units of the high-performance M4 GTS. In its press release, the German company described the model as “a special edition limited to 700 units to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BMW M3,” but in vouchers sent to customers it used the word “approximately” 700.

It seems that "approximately 700" means more than 800, as members of the BimmerPost forum report the Bavarian manufacturer has produced 803 examples for customers and 27 more for promotional purposes. The information is based on the actual VIN numbers of the already produced cars.

The last M4 GTS is a U.S.-spec Black Sapphire model, produced on November 28. The last right-hand drive unit was assembled on November 8, and the last non-U.S.-spec, LHD variant rolled off the assembly line on October 27.

It’s interesting where the additional produced numbers have been shipped, as BMW’s initial plan was to deliver 300 units to the United States, 80 to Germany, 50 to Canada, 15 to China, and 30 to the United Kingdom and Japan.


The hardcore sports car is manufactured at the same place, where the M6 GT3 and M135i Cup race cars are built. Interestingly, the M4 GTS starts its life as a normal M4 Coupe and then goes through a number upgrades done by the BMW M division.

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If you’ve missed the chance to order an M4 GTS, don’t lose faith, as we have discovered more than 20 units are available at different BMW dealers. A quick look at Autotrader’s database shows you can easily get one for less than $200,000 - the cheapest example costs $134,200 and is based in San Francisco. With prices for the anniversary model expected to rise significantly in the next years, this could prove to be a good investment.

Original BMW M4 GTS press release uploaded to our PR section.

Source: BimmerPost

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