Another image of the Kia Soulster concept has been leaked. The photo seems to imply either a small SUV or a small, hatch-less pick-up truck

Kia is giving the world another tiny glimpse into its upcoming Kia Soulster Concept. The vehicle will debut next week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The second picture seems to confirm early speculation about the vehicle taking shape as a small, lightweight pick-up crossover. According to the forum Kia World, the concept is of a potential new Soul model "with topless rear-hatch-end." However, don't rule out a small, three-door SUV.

Kia World also points out that the concept's name is a combination of the words "soul" and "roadster," giving more support to their idea of a topless vehicle.

Kia's urban crossover vehicle, the Kia Soul, is based on a three-year old concept. The production model of the Soul was just unveiled last year, and has not yet hit the showroom floor. This new concept is meant to show off the versitility of the crossover, and may lead to a new production unit.

Kia Motors will reveal their new concept on Sunday, January 11, at the Detroit Auto Show.

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