Six design projects by KTM will add spice to those who enjoy playing outside, whether on the street, water, off the road, or even in the sky.

KTM has revealed several design projects to excite lovers of outdoor adventure motoring. Designed by industrial design students at FH JOANNEUM University in conjunction with KTM these six design concepts represent possible glimpses of future KTM products. In brief this is what each of them is all about:

This is a radical four-wheel off-roader concept that connects the brand's motocross experience with that of the track-focused X-Bow's purist design language. Its driving force is a hybrid propulsion system that works in conjunction with four individually steerable electrical engines. The AX has huge ground clearance, reinforced tyres and a generously sized suspension.

KTM SR 85 Deuce
The SR 85 Deuce is the dominant force in Devon Run, a futuristic weekend race event in which environmentally-friendly lightweight vehicles do passing maneuvers on special inner city race tracks. These vehicles are powered by high-torque electric motors.

The CX is an interesting racing vehicle that uses the water surface tension to recreate the water's surface as an off-road racing terrain. As soon as the rider stops he or she sinks into the water up to knee level and sits on the water like they are on a surfboard.

KTM 360°
KTM 360° gives the rider a whole bag of tricks to apply thanks to its innovative features like the ability to turn its front fork 360 degrees. It's also very lightweight, silent as it runs from electric power and has a foldable seat.

KTM Ascender
As the name suggests the Ascender is a flight vehicle with a flight duration of 30 minutes and can achieve a speed of up to 120km/h. The Ascender is powered by a gas turbine and is supported by three rotors.

KTM Barracuda
The concept of the Barracuda is to combine the talents of the RC8 and the X-Bow for water purposes. KTM calls this a hydrofoil boat "ready to race", after their slogan. That's because it's very agile and can stabilise itself on the water. Therefore it's safer even for amateurs who can really go fast and are able to steer quite safely.

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