The group's job is to advise President-elect Trump on the economy.

General Motors President and CEO Mary Barra is among the 16-person team on President-elect Donald Trump’s job creation advisory board. Dubbed the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum, the rest of the members are other prominent businesspeople, including CEOs at Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, and IBM.

The Forum’s chairman is Stephen A. Schwarzman, the chairman and CEO of investment firm Blackstone, which is also responsible for the press release announcing the group’s creation. The announcement said that the business leaders would meet with President-elect Trump “frequently to share their specific experience and knowledge as the President implements his plan to bring back jobs.” The Forum’s initial meeting is at the White House during the first week of February.

President-elect Trump wants this group to help him push for economic growth. “My administration is committed to drawing on private sector expertise and cutting the government red tape that is holding back our businesses from hiring, innovating, and expanding right here in America," he said in the announcement.

Mary Barra 10.12.2013

“I’m pleased to join President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum because it offers us a seat at an important table where we can contribute to a constructive and open dialogue about key policy issues,” Barra said in a statement obtained by Automotive News. “We look forward to working with President-elect Trump, his team and other corporate and civic leaders on policies that support a strong and competitive economy and automotive industry.”

Putting Barra on the panel could be a way for Trump to mend wounds with the auto industry. The President-elect has been a vocal critic of Ford moving jobs to Mexico and selling vehicles from there in the United States. He has even threatened huge tariffs on the company's models from south of the border. However, GM builds autos there for the American market, too.

Barra seems well regarded by Republicans and Democrats. Not only did President-elect Trump choose her as an economic advisor, but Hillary Clinton also considered the GM boss on the list of potential vice presidents.

Source: Blackstone, Automotive News

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