The remarkable evolution of McLaren-Honda MP4-31's front wing in a short, but sweet video.

McLaren has undoubtedly been using the latter part of the 2016 season as an extended pre-season test session, with an eye on improving next year's car before it even gets out of the blocks.

This video documents some of the changes made by the team since Melbourne, which has seen the team move the point at which the airflow moves across the front of the tyre and out around it.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 wing

The use of outwash front wings has been prevalent since 2009 but the teams have been forced to refine how that airflow moves depending on the prevailing regulations and tyre construction provided by Pirelli.

However, the wider tyres and regulatory changes for 2017 are hinting at a re-imagining of these flow structures, with some of the wing still poised to take care of outwash but most of the flow will now likely be sent inboard, making use of the additional surface area that the larger bargeboards will provide.

The wing used during free practice sessions by McLaren since Austin displays some of these tendencies and is seen as an indication of the direction it will take for 2017.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 wing

The video goes onto look at some of the rear wing solutions presented by McLaren this season, with the failed introduction of the long slotted endplate in Austria (above), followed by the introduction of the open-ended louvre endplate that was pioneered by Toro Rosso at the start of the season (below).

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 wing

Co-author: Matt Somerfield, Assistant Technical Editor