Even lesser versions will look quite aggressive, at least the one with those big exhaust finishers.

Alfa Romeo is the latest automaker to hop on the SUV bandwagon and it’s doing it with the Stelvio. It was introduced last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the FCA-owned marque unveiled only the powerful Quadrifoglio version with its Ferrari-derived biturbo 2.9-liter V6 engine. Since then, several images have emerged depicting lesser versions of the Stelvio, and we have stumbled upon a few more pics worth sharing.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio non-Quadrifoglio version

In one of the pictures a black Stelvio sits next to a red Giulia and as you can easily observe there are many similarities between the two. Some would have preferred a bit of variety since it looks as if the Giulia has been transformed into a hatchback and has gained a pair of stilts during the process. Nevertheless, the Stelvio is a breath of fresh air in the challenging SUV segment and the specs indicate it has what it takes to make a name for itself and steal sales from its more established competitors.

The Quadrifoglio trim is without any doubt the most exciting of them all, but we all know that will generate only a small portion of the total sales. The diesel will likely be the most popular engine among buyers, a 2.2-liter unit available in the Giulia in 150, 180, and 210-hp flavors, with the latter being reserved for the warm Veloce variant. Speaking of which, the Giulia Veloce can also be had with a 280-hp 2.0-liter gasoline engine, and in both cases the engines work with Alfa’s Q4 all-wheel-drive setup and an eight-speed auto ‘box.

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It’s unclear at this point when Alfa Romeo will release full details and a complete gallery with the more affordable variants of the Stelvio. The U.S.-spec Stelvio Ti with the aforementioned 280-hp gasoline unit might show up next month in Detroit at NAIAS, whereas its European counterpart is expected to make an appearance two months later in Geneva.

Meanwhile, Alfa has released the first Stelvio Q commercial and it has also uploaded its L.A. launch event, both of which you can check out below.

Alfa Romeo Project 950

Alfa Romeo Stelvio non-Quadrifoglio version