Here's everything you need to know.

Warning: contains gigantic spoilers

After last week's bonker's, Edge of Tomorrow-esque episode, Clarkson, Hammond, and May have settled down a bit for Episode 3 of The Grand Tour with a gentle, cultural road trip - indeed, a grand tour -  across Italy in three very different cars. 

Well, I say the trip is gentle and cultured, but... 

Here's the lowdown.

1. Coming to you live from Whitby, England

The Grand Tour Episode 3

An extremely pretty coastal town in the county of Yorkshire. Where the trio all grew up.

2. Jeremy and James bring the right cars for their tour

The Grand Tour Episode 3

The gorgeous Aston Martin DB11 and sublime Rolls-Royce Wraith are a pair of suitably elegant, sophisticated cars for their elegant, sophisticated viaggio - that's Italian for journey.

3. Richard brings the wrong car

The Grand Tour Episode 3

The Duke of Hammond arrive - uninvited - with a completely inappropriate, anti-socially loud Dodge Charger Hellcat. And two enormous truck full of tires. Because donuts. 

4. They see many, many gas stations

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Museums and art galleries were planned, by the Hellcat's voracious fuel consumption rather gets in the way,

5. Richard is endlessly annoying

The Grand Tour Episode 3

No-one else in history has done donuts in Florence. Or been shouted at so much by James.

6. Jeremy and James make their escape

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Several times, in fact, but they never quite manage to lose Richard, despite their disguises. (That, by the way, is a life-size painting of Richard strapped to his car because... Look, it was a plan that backfired.)

7. A little gathering is organized

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Finally, Richard is lost in a crowd - that's quite a lot bigger than planned. 

8. Peace at last

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Jeremy and James reach journey's end in Venice, without Richard, and take a lovely, quiet gondola ride.

9. The moment is ruined 

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Richard makes a most unwelcome return - again - and completely ruins everyone's day - again - with his stupid, noisy boat.

10. And finally

The Grand Tour Episode 3

Remember in Episode 1 that Jeremy said Richard and James could demolish his house if the McLaren P1 wasn't quicker than the Porsche 918 and LaFerrari? It's time to collect and, well, you can see what happens.

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