Finally details of the Gemballa Tornado GTS have been issued. The Porsche Cayenne GTS-based SUV can be tuned to 740hp and be offered completely in RWD.

Gemballa has finally released details of the ‘Tornado' Cayenne GTS, a concept of which was displayed in early 2008. A limited production of only 50 of these SUVs will be made in either GTS or GTR trim with three different stages of tuning. GTR is strictly exclusive performance-tuned. Engineers stripped the GTR of most of its luxury items as well as the 4WD mechanism to make it a RWD SUV. In the process they shaved about 250kg off the vehicle's mass.

Gemballa was inspired by the Porsche Carrera GT supercar in creating the Tornado GTS's look. The body kit features a carbon fiber bonnet, larger air intakes, five-spoke alloy wheels, an integrated rear diffuser and new taillights. New adjustable seats, a panoramic sunroof and a custom centre console make for a unique interior look.

Engine modifications extend to the GTS and GTR with three levels of tune: 542hp (404kW), 641hp (478kW) or 740hp (552kW) depending on customer preferences. Standard Porsche GTSs produce 405hp (298kW). Other performance changes are the installation of a high-flow exhaust system, upgrades to the ECU and new intercoolers.


Gemballa Tornado GTS Details Released