Nissan dealers have been asked by the brand not to participate in the Detroit auto show. When Nissan pulled out of the Detroit auto show in November, some local dealers said they wanted to fill in for the brand.

There will be no Nissan presence at all when the North American International Auto Show debuts in Detroit on January 11.

Nissan Motor Co. had announced back in November that it was pulling out of the show due to the crisis in the automotive industry. At that point, some local Nissan dealers stepped forward and said that they wanted to fill in for the brand at the show and volunteered to provide vehicles and staff. But Nissan quickly killed that idea.

Doug Fox, who owns Ann Arbor Nissan, is quoted in the Free Press story as saying,"...the week before Christmas we received a request from Nissan to please respect their decision to not have a presence at the North American International Auto Show."

Fox goes on to say that the local dealers were disappointed but will respect Nissan's decision.

It seems Nissan really didn't want to be at the Detroit show. These are tough times indeed.


Nissan dealers will not make Detroit auto show either