Nearly one in four surveyed would consider buying a self-driving machine.

Nissan is fond of autonomous vehicles and has prepared a comprehensive study on the subject to prove the self-driving cars are the next big thing in the industry. The Japanese company has invited Policy Network to work together on the so-called Freeing the Road: Shaping the future for autonomous vehicles survey.

The results of the project reveal autonomous cars will start adding 0.15 percent to Europe’s annual growth rate in the decades to come and, as a result, the European gross domestic product will, cumulatively, be 5.3 percent higher in 2050 than now. Translating this into numbers, by that time the autonomous vehicles will have contributed a total of €17 trillion ($18.01 trillion) to GDP. Pretty solid numbers, to say the least. 

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A total of 6,000 adults from six countries on the Old continent have been surveyed, and 58 percent of them believe improved mobility for everyone is one of the biggest advantages of autonomous cars. Reduced road accidents due to human errors are also considered a big positive, while fewer car accidents and lower stress levels are rated equally as the top health benefits by 56 percent of the surveyed.

But what’s probably the most important indicator for the future of the self-driving cars is the fact that 23 percent or nearly one in four who plan to buy a car in five or more years would consider buying an autonomous one. If you do the simple math, this means major manufacturers have the chance to sell millions of autonomous vehicles when the technology is good enough for safe everyday use.

“This independent report highlights that we are in the midst of a social and economic revolution,” Paul Willcox, chairman of Nissan Europe, commented.

“It shows that autonomous technology will have a fundamental impact not just on the automotive industry but across European economies and societies and it suggests that leadership within all levels of government is needed.”

Do you agree with mister Willcox?

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Source: Nissan

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