If this video doesn't make you wince, you have no soul.

Every time I watch this video, I hold my breath, even though I know what's coming. It's just so painful – an absolutely pristine Acura NSX getting annihilated by a stupid, red light-running Lexus RX.

The video was captured by Sammy Manivong in Westminster, California, who told Jalopnik he saw the crash while out test driving a car. Sammy's response of, "Oh no way!" is pretty much what I'd say in this situation. Or perhaps an even more appropriate, "Nooooooooo!"

Let this be a reminder of the dangers of not paying attention while driving. In addition to potentially injuring yourself, your passengers, other drivers, and unsuspecting pedestrians, you might take out otherwise outstanding pieces of supercar history. What a shame. Here's hoping no one was hurt.


Source: Facebook via Jalopnik

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