Sources tell us a new tailgate design is on the way.

Recent discussions we've had with sources inside the automotive supplier community reveal that Ram is strongly considering offering a two-way split tailgate as an option on the all-new Ram 1500 that's slated to arrive in early 2019.

Ram submitted a patent application to the United States Patent Office back in 2014 for this innovative two-way split tailgate. The company's idea was to split the tailgate in the middle so that, when closed, either side can be opened like a side-hinged door. It would also retain the ability to swing down in one piece like a traditional tailgate. 

Clever tailgates are nothing new; the Honda Ridgeline has always had a two-way tailgate that's hinged both on the side and bottom. And tailgates are actually a hot bed of innovation when you think about it; trucks today offer remote locking tailgates, tailgate extenders, steps and handles embedded in the tailgate, and tailgate damping. These aren't your father's one-trick ponies.

Ram is also no stranger to thinking outside the box, or bed as it were, when it comes to trucks. Features like the Ram Box in-bed cargo management system, coil-over rear suspensions, and the light-duty EcoDiesel V6 engine are evidence this truck-maker likes to be different. 


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