A few lucky people get to drive them and show that hydrogen is a viable fuel for vehicles.

The motoring world is still a long way from hydrogen fuel cells replacing the internal combustion engine, but Honda’s Clarity FCEV is taking a tiny step in that direction by arriving in Europe for the first time. However, don’t expect to see one in the brand’s local showroom because just six examples of the Clarity are arriving. They’ll be on the road in London, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of the Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) EU demonstration.


“The arrival of these vehicles in Europe and Honda’s participation in HyFIVE is the next step towards Honda’s vision of the full commercialization of this technology,” said Thomas Brachmann, Chief Project Engineer of Honda Research and Development.

Honda Clarity in Europe

The HyFIVE project is putting a total 185 FCEVs on the road in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The endeavor strives to show that fuel cells are a viable way to get around, and the undertaking highlights the need for a greater hydrogen-refueling infrastructure.

The Clarity is Honda’s latest fuel cell vehicle and follows on the developments from the FCX and FCX Clarity. In addition to futuristic styling, the sedan boasts a cutting-edge fuel cell stack. The powertrain can carry the four-door 366 miles (589 kilometers) on a tank of H2. That figure easily beats the rival Toyota Mirai’s 321 miles (516 km) and even tops the Tesla Model S P100D at 315 miles (506 km).

The Clarity is already on sale in Japan and arrives in the United States any moment now. American buyers can only get them from 12 dealers in California because it’s the only state with enough of a public H2 infrastructure for refueling. A 36-month lease runs customers $369 a month plus $2,499 due at signing but comes with $15,000 of hydrogen full-ups over the length of the contract. The price is quite similar to the Mirai that leases for $349 a month and $2,499 at signing

Source: Honda

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